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Netsmart Technologies is an American company that develops and sells health information technology, including electronic health records, especially for organizations and entities in the behavioral health field. It was founded in 1992 although its technology origins go back to 1968 with the founding of Creative Socio-Medics, which it acquired in 1994.

Cheryl shares her experience on, "Unable to customize much. We had the original version of Insight Netsmart. We asked many times to add certain items to the immunization module. Items had to be used by all users, so we were denied. The modules are separate. If you want to add an immunization during a family planning visit, you have to go to the immunization module. I can't speak to the new version. We went with a different software that met our needs better. Insight is a very small part of the software developed by Netsmart."


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Sales (Current Employee) says

"Huge turnover, especially with sales management, alignment and consulting. Too demanding on work - family balance. Expect to travel over 75%, initially promised less than 40%. Unattainable quotas! Less than 10% of sales team actually reach their goal. Consulting and Support have and has always had a skeletal staff.It is rewarding to help the community they serveCompany is far too demanding for very little"

Billing and Payment Posting Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I received discrimination based on the color of my skin, constanly being picked on about the dress code. I was always being pressured to produce more work.BonusHostile work enviorment"

Manager Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The management at Netsmart is beyond helpless. They have major staff issues and endless customer complaints. They should have kept only Avatar and not added the useless other luncheseverything else"

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (Former Employee) says

"12 years as a loyal employee. I worked nights I worked weekends I worked holidays Just because I loved my job. Keep the backlog down. Never a bad review. NEVER. Never and indication of any kind that my job wasn't up to speed. NEVER. NO EXCEPTIONS. NOTHING. I was being paid 53,000.00 a year as a Senior QA Engineer. Juniors were coming into the company at 60,000.00. Never a response as to why. NO INDICATION OF ANY KIND. THEY CANNOT DISPUTE ONE WORD OF WHAT YOU JUST READ. I asked why. No response. I begged them to reconsider. No response. Out of desperation I put in my resignation. Their response: Okay, bye. 12 years and I was no more than a bargain basement lackey. I contacted HR. I contact the VP. I wrote to the President. They could have cared less. Evidently, my family doesn't have the same needs theirs does.I loved my co-workers and my manager like they were my family, I would have done anything for them. Work related or personally.I had no value to them at all. If they try to retort that, no matter what they say, read the above."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"They just recently gave notice to the entire Finance department in both OH and NY, and are replacing those positions in Kansas City where the new corporate headquarters are. After working there for seven years, I had to endure the last three under the new owners/management and it was awful. No raise, no bonus, no recognition. Overworked, under paid, and eventually let go. They are rehiring my position on Kansas City. Stay away!"

Intern (Former Employee) says

"The company needs new Management, and Directors ,VP Very unorganized. No job security Development lacks . Revolving door Nice building too many people advising different rolesbuildingrevolving door management bad"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Netsmart for several years. This could be a good place to work, but the corporate culture creates an atmosphere where management by fear and intimidation is the norm. Here's some of the things to look out for: Disorganized, and sometimes abusive. Managers have been known to shout or call out employees at meetings. Very high turnover rate - people either quit, or are fired on an almost daily basis. Overtime is expected. Compensation is below average. Bonuses and monetary incentives are a rare beast. A good amount of product code is written in a language that has little use outside of the company. Too many products that either sound or function the same way. Lots of bloatware. Tuition reimbursement is a rare beast. Difficult to get promoted or move laterally. Plenty of time spent pushing the company brand, very little educating its employees. Strong disconnect between what the company says it does for mental health and how its employees are treated.Good job to get started in software or learn medical practice management processes, The market for health management software is growing rapidly, Lots of good people there, Lots of good minds, If this is your first job out of school you can learn a lot.Little communication with the regular employees, Less than adequate training, Little opportunities for employees to learn products they are working on, Other companies pay more, Other companies offer better chances to learn and give you a work-life balance, The company spends a lot of time self-promoting, They need to figure out problems instead of rushing to fix things after they've broken"

AR specialist (Former Employee) says

"RCM Dept. If you have no experience but a current employee puts in a recommendation you are more likely to get hired. The more experienced workers will develop processes and training documentation and will teach you. Then the experienced worker will get passed over for promotions because management's friends they used to work with have since been hired in. It won't matter that you have more years experience in that particular field, it won't matter that you have taken on more projects and brought in more gainshare and worked more overtime (sacrificed work-life balance) and that you have worked for the department longer, you will be used like a piece of toilet paper. If you are currently in an awful work environment and just need to get out, yes come to Netsmart. Your average coworker is friendly and willing to help. If you just want to punch a clock and do just enough so you won't get fired, come to Netsmart. But if you want to invest yourself and grow, Netsmart RCM is not the place to go. It's becoming your average CBO, which we all know have high turnovers. (if you have been in the industry awhile I am sure you have heard the horror stories about Apria. Guess what? The management from Apria is now in management of RCM at Netsmart. Enter at your own risk...)friendly coworkers, nice office, laid back, not micromanaged, but that's usually because your boss doesn't know, they can't offer much assistance, A few good leads, .Poor onboarding of clients, no access to websites, no information provided for the client, still going to be expected to produce anyway, Too many in management ignorant of healthcare, given wrong information or none at all, lack of answers to questions and issues. Management reneges on promises, no growth opportunities, promote friends over skilled workers."

IT Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I would stay away. They are basically a mini Cerner only more disorganized. I was hired to do one thing but ended up doing something completely different. I was told 401k match was 10% but they never ended up matching anything. My boss had 30 people reporting to him and he worked in Ohio. I saw him once.HealthcareBad pay, disorganized"

Regional Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Netsmart made me a fantastic offer and then 3 months into my position decided to quadruple my commission quota that directly effected my bonus payout.Have excellent Headquarters in KS.Tendency to change compensation plans that has occured to multiple individuals."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Once you start making good money they hire someone just out of college for half your salary and you are gone. High stress, many hours, high expectationsNice coworkersHigh stress"

Billing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This place is a joke.They fired upper management and hired 90% of Cerner management & their other employee rejects. They came in and shook everything up. Some are rude and don't know how to talk to you. They are sneaky & two face. A lot of management don't know their job they have the employees do their work. You have to kiss up to get promoted. It's not what you know but who you know. Everyone is always stressed. They lose clients on a regular and the training is HORRIBLE! You get like a day of training and they expect you to know everything. It's a total joke and then they'll get mad if you mess something up that you got half trained on or no training at all.FlexibilityManagement/Training"

Applications Support, Project Manager, Training (Current Employee) says

"you work hard and they want more from you. Very short in staff, they put you in without training. Health benefits is very bad, you pay premium (100), co-pay (40) and (1000) deductible. it is a technology companybenefits is very bad"

Delivery Consultant (Current Employee) says

"The company is growing in leaps and bounds but they are not staying competitive in the market and as a result they are overworking and are sending out their workers unprepared. They have great ideas but lack a well thought out solid product."

Billing Claim Specialist (Former Employee) says

"There is a lack of training. The work load is excessive. With no training. I feel this company sets you up to fail. The pay is not good for the amount of work they expect you to do. There is a lot of favoritism within the office. Also, if you did not graduate from Penn State which most of the employees there have. Don't expect to move up. Most of the upper Management are friends outside of the office, so conflict of interest is an issue. No Training."

PS (Former Employee) says

"Poor use of management, too many and many being carried by folks below them to make them look good. When they laid off, they should have gotten rid of managers and saved company money. They need to let employees work remotely. Quit feeding Chris Cakes and B &G to employees and invest in paying more in wages.Nice buildingPoor pay, high stress"

Helpdesk Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Any talent gets micromanaged right out of the door. Told about advancement opportunities that did not come to fruition. If a new person could complete a project they would still have a tenured employee butcher it. It is not a talent promoted place its who lasts the longest drinking the koolaid. Training is an absolute joke.Decent pay for level 1 supportManagement is horrible"

vCIO (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed the client work however not the company management. The client work was challenging and rewarding. The management team was less than expected - did not keep promises."

Rather not say (Former Employee) says

"This company is all over the place. They have alot of Directors and managers that they don't need. The software is not the greatest. Its all about the numbers there.Meet nice peopleIts a bit messy"

Senior Analyst (Former Employee) says

"On any day, answered phone when a customer had problems with reporting or billing. HIPPA regulations and billing the 837P and 837I helping customers to set up the parameters to bill and get paid by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies. Helped to write reports to balance claims and payments. Helped customers to post payments electronically. Loved working with the CMHC/MIS team we worked great together. Some of the hardest things in this environment is getting the customers compliant with Medicare and Medicaid."

Former Employee - Advisory Consultant says

"- no work life balance - people work crazy OT, until midnight and on weekends. They deserve higher pay but they are CHEAP and disrespectful about giving proper promotions& the pay that goes with it - management is horrible, show no respect and only care about their friends/ themselves - company shows no respect - horrible communication - clients deserve better - they acquire companies, and throw them out and let all the employees of that company go - THE SYSTEMS THEY MAKE ARE TRASH!!!! why work for a company and promote their software systems that are horrible. Not user friendly, and they don’t give the clients proper training for them to succeed - SHADY SHADY SHADY COMPANY"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Greedy, unethical corporation that is highly profitable at the expense of its employees and non profit clients"

Former Employee - Delivery Consultant says

"No life work balance, no proper training, shoving projects you know nothing about and expected to train others. Unattainable goals. Excessive workload with long nights and weekends. Clients affected by lack of support from company. No support from Management. Everyone is overworked and clients are the ones that are affected at the end of it all."

Former Employee - Systems Engineer says

"Awful team cohesion, lack of initial job training, expects you to hit the ground running without help"

Former Employee - Technical Support Engineer says

"Racist from the top level executive to admin staff. Due to the lack of diversity in senior management, Netsmart is tone deaf when it comes to handling complaints or discrimination within it's walls. The company is based on foundation of mental health support but when called to the task of showing support to its employees it fails. Every time."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I had great hopes and expectations for my career at Netsmart. Unfortunately, this company will drain you of everything you have. Yourself, time, confidence, energy. Even though they were founded on human services and mental wellness, yours will be at risk. They have forgotten the human factor for clients and associates. We are all just a number to help senior management meet their goal, while those of us losing work/life balance are expected to work countless hours for less compensation. My compensation plan changed 3 times in one year. They keep it confusing so you don't know what you should be paid out. If you like working in a last minute, fire drill environment, this might be for you. Leadership is less than desirable. People are promoted who have minimal leadership, organizational and communication skills."

Current Employee - Senior Associate says

"Poor benefit, low salary, poor lifestyle balance. Minorities are underprivileged as the whole management and senior management is made up of your typical mid age average while male. They promise you that you will grow quicker as the company is growing , BS!!!! This company is so unethical ! They hire a bunch of young single college kids right out of school, they use them for 3-5 years and lay them off when their life start to get real such as having kids and ect ... Netsmart only thinks about Netsmart and their VPs. They like fresh kids out of school and lay them off when they find 'better' fresher kids out of school. The company has been laying off like crazy within the last several years. Don't waste your time at Netsmart unless you just need a job for the experience. VPs and executives come from Cerner and protect themselves while everyone else is at risk of loosing their job. Restructuration happens every few months with an unstable leadership. A sad story at Netsmart was this Architect who had been with the company for almost a decade , he was let go because he was costing the business 'too much money'. They replaced him few weeks later by a younger kid who took a lesser pay. You work work work work even on weekends and it's never enough, they always need more from you. I'm DONE !!!!!!!!"

Former Employee - Engineer says

"No training relevant to your job position. The environment is sink or swim. Do not expect any process/procedure documentation for your group. Knowledge is lost every time someone quits/resigns. Clients hate Netsmart. The tickets I worked were 1.5 to 2+ years old when I got them. Communication between the different groups is minimal and causes an endless cycle of crises."

Former Employee - Technical Support Specialist says

"Client needs are marginalized, minimized, neglected. Clients have other options and are actively looking else where. Price point does not net out to loyalty. Unlike management, Clients are not mesmerized with shiny and slick. Their needs are not being met, and Netsmart employees (or buzz word of the hour - associate) supporting these Clients have to check their professionalism and integrity at the door when they walk in. But the real crux is that those knowing what is truly needed by the Client are not asked to weigh in. Thus, decisions are made by unkowledgable Subject Matter Experts." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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